Terms & Conditions

1.Entry forms complete in all respect only shall be considered for the contest.

2.Parents are not allowed to come inside the hall during TV round

3.Any heavy props or the one which includes water, sand ,fire are not allowed to use on the set of TV Studio round.

4.Company will not provide travel expenses and stay facility to any contestant

5.You have to self arrange your dresses for the performance.

6.Duration of your performance should not exceed 1:30 minutes.

7.If we will not satisfy with the video shoot of the participant then we can take shoot again.

8.Photography/videography is strictly prohibited inside the studio.

9.The decision of the judges will be final, no arguments and suggestions will be entertained

10.If the company find any undisciplined or misbehave from any candidate, so management have the rights to disqualify the candidates from the contest.

11.Company will not be responsible for any injury / loss of life during the in between period of show and no compensation or claim will be entertained.

12.Any deliberate damage/loss caused to the company’s property will be recovered from the candidate.

13.Company will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable cash.

14.No contestant shall raise the objection in regard to the footage shown in TV about his/her duration of clip on the channel lesser period or more.

15.Due to music copyright issues, we can shift the show to the another channel. (If required) But till now we have not encountered this type of case. In this case, Production can shift the program to a famous channel to maintain a good TRP Level