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Meet our Judges

Mohd Wasil

Founder of hgt

Founder 🇮🇳 CEO HOPE APP HGT SHOWS parking the potential of the Billion Indians  I love building products and services that solve real problems

Shakti Mohan Dance Judge

Shakti Mohan, a renowned dancer and choreographer, will bring her extensive knowledge of dance and performance arts to the show. Her connection with the youth and dance community is invaluable, making her a key judge for the talent show.

Full Name

Punit Pathak

Dance Judge

Puneet Pathak, a celebrated choreographer and dancer, is well-known for his expertise in dance reality shows. His dynamic judging style and popularity among dance enthusiasts make him a valuable addition to the panel.

Arshad Warsi

Dance Judge

Arshad Warsi, known for his versatile acting skills and charismatic presence, will bring a wealth of experience and star power to the show. His fee reflects his significant contribution to the entertainment industry and his ability to attract viewers.